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We take privacy VERY seriously at our boudoir studio. We are all too familiar with the fact that what goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet. FOREVER. We have the utmost respect for our clients and their privacy. WE WILL NEVER EVER BREAK THE TRUST OF OUR CLIENTS! EVER!


If you never want anyone other than you and whoever you decide to share your intimate portraits with to see your images then that is exactly what will happen. Your images will never be published anywhere without your permission. We are not trying to build a portfolio with your images. We already have a very large and extensive portfolio, and we only care about creating stunning images that will totally wow YOU, not the world.


If you are fine with your images being published on our website, blog and social media, but you don’t want anyone to be able to recognize you, then we can do that too. We will make sure that none of your images are published that show your face or any other identifiable marks, such as tattoos. This is always a fun way to share your super gorgeous images, but not let the world know it’s you.


If you are super proud of your gorgeous images and want to show them off on our website, blog and social media then good for you, and we will certainly love doing that!


 We do have a Before & After section of our website and would love to feature you there. This part of our website is only face shots and shows our potential clients, like yourself, the amazing work we do to get ready for a boudoir session. If you do not want to be featured on the Before & After part of our website no problem! It’s totally your decision!


Thank you ladies for the photos of my Beautiful Wife! You did such an amazing job at catching her in all her beauty! And you made it so comfortable for me to come in and help with choosing the right photos of my wife! Difficult to choose from so many amazing photos but we'll worth the time! Again .... Thank You Ladies! ~Justin