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For one I need more stars! 5 stars does not even cut it! This group of lovely young ladies were professional in every way and allowed you to be comfortable. I went in being nervous and left a super star! Being able to make their customers feel like this is an absolute gift! This experience was one of the best that I have had during a photography session! I am really at a loss of words to fully describe how much I enjoyed them! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will definitely use them again! ~Tonya


The word ‘boudoir’, pronounced, BOO-DWAHH, is French for the word bedroom. So to call a photo session a bedroom session, would suggest, private, personal, and intimate. Thus, why we call our art ‘Intimate Portraiture’...Click here to continue reading


These ladies are AMAZING!! I was super nervous at first. Doing a boudoir session was way out of my comfort zone, but these ladies made me feel like a supermodel!! They make you feel so comfortable and sexy. I loved it! My pictures are awesome! From the consultation all the way through they answered my questions, helped me pick out lingerie and made me laugh. Best photo shoot ever! ~Desiree

Angie Was wonderful! Both girls worked hard to make me feel comfortable, beautiful,and sexy.. I was easy to "go with the flow" to make it a wonderful experience. Regardless of the cost I would definitely do it again...and I have referred to multiple friends! Thank you for making me feel like I'm worth a million bucks!!! ~Michelle

By far one of the best experiences I have had with a photographer. They are AMAZING!!! It is very obvious they have a true passion for what they do and are dedicated to making sure you get the absolute best experience from your session. I couldn't be happier and I will definitely use them again in the future! ~Shannon


From beginning to end, you will feel like your hanging out with some old, long lost friends. Well, not that old, but you get what we mean. :D It will feel like you’re hanging out at the coolest most funnest sleep over you have ever had...Click here to continue reading

These ladies are awesome and hilarious!! I enjoyed my session and can not wait to see how the pictures turn out! The sneak peaks I was able to see during the session were awesome! They know how to bring out the true beauty in a person! ~Chelsea

I absolutely LOVE them. These ladies are extremely pleasant and full of energy. Not to mention HILARIOUS... I couldn't help but laugh at them when I was trying to be somewhat serious. The art work they produced is something I've come to love and will cherish forever. If your looking for a friendly environment to express your inner beauty, this is the place to go for your portrait needs. ~Shae

I really loved the work of ANGIE DAVIS! You girls did an amazing job! Loved every second of it!!! ~Keaunna


Consultations are an absolute MUST! There is just no way something so personal, so amazing, and so intimate can be produced without knowing the amazing you, personally...Click to continue reading

You can not beat the service or experience that they offer! My makeup was perfect, the conversations included pandas and being too white to understand rap, the outfit I purchased from them was gorgeous (wearing on my wedding night), and the feeling of being too hot to handle was a confidence boost for sure! One thing Angie did was let me look at some of the photos between shots. I've never had a photographer do this and it made all the difference! I would book them again in a heartbeat. ~Heather

If you've been sitting on the fence, sit no longer! Angie has taken photos of our family for, wedding, children, seniors, and even boudoir. I drive 4 hours because I trust no one but her to deliever the best! No matter the occasion she always delivers the most exquisite images and makes you feel beautiful and happy throughout the process. Her assistant and makeup/stylist is just as professional and fun loving! We adore them both and so will you! ~Jennifer

My sister recently got her paparazzi moment to shine! After her photo session with this studio she couldn't stop raving about them! I live out of state and phone calls are precious moments for my family, and this one particular phone call with her was nothing but how great the photographers made her feel! I just HAD to review ANGIE DAVIS after hearing all about it! Thank you for making my sister feel empowered, beautiful, but most importantly thank you for making her see herself for how we all see her: one amazing stunning lady! ~Heidi


We highly recommend coming in for your consultation at least 3 months before needing your prints and products. If you want them for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Day, Anniversary, or any other special occasion...Click here to continue reading

I've always though Boudoir sessions were interesting....takes you to a level of discomfort that you would probably never recover from, those were my THOUGHTS. My friend did a boudoir session just a few weeks ago and said over and over again how much of a CONFIDENCE BOOSTER is was. That wasn't the purpose of her session, but when she came out of that session - she was glowing! Self-confidence is something almost all women struggle with and apparently, WE HAVE FOUND A CURE! ANGIE DAVIS Boudoir sessions. Ever since I picked my friend up that day, I've wanted to try one out. Just for a confidence boost, not for my husband, not for any other reason but to feel sexy again. After one baby, and a super busy life, that feeling almost never happens! I know my friend is extremely excited to see her photos. On top of that, the studio is very private. I dropped Heather off and picked up her up that day, and never saw one ounce of anthing going on. The room is closed off, and they even put a sign on the door (and lock it) that says Closed - in session! So it is completely private! I am so glad she had a session and is confident in herself going into her wedding! Thanks Angie. ~Aneasa

I had the most amazing experience with ANGIE DAVIS!!! I felt so comfortable and confident during my entire session. They were both SO professional!!! I highly recommend using Angie for your upcoming boudior shoot. They are a power team and their work is unmatchable!!!! ~Lauren

If you're looking for a professional and fun photography experience, look no further! Angie is an excellent photographer who goes the extra mile to make sure you get quality photos to cherish for years. Being in her studio is really like being at home. She made me feel comfortable and beautiful. If you're wondering more about her impressive work, I highly recommend setting up a consultation with her! ~Alexis


We take privacy VERY seriously at our boudoir studio. We are all too familiar with the fact that what goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet. FOREVER. We have the utmost respect for our clients and their privacy...Click here to continue reading

Amazing and fun experience! They made me feel so beautiful and fierce! I would recommend them to everyone! ~Erika

I went in of my 42nd birthday unsure I should be doing this, but thanks to Angie and her staff I had a wonderful time. I am glad it did it and would recommend it to everyone! ~Bonnie

Had a great time taking pictures. Just wanted to say thank you for doing up my hair and make up like I'd never think to do it, for making me confident in that they will turn out great and most of all, making it fun for me. ~Julia


Once we have made tons of magic in the studio, and had the time of our lives making it, we then prepare the magic for your Viewing & Ordering Session. Angie quickly gets to work editing your images...Click here to continue reading

Was super nervous about the photo shoot. But they made me feel & look beautiful. Could not have asked for a better experience. ~Devon

I haven't used this studio myself but my experience in hearing my best friends story sold me! My best friend couldn't find a bad thing to say! She had a smile on the entire time while sharing her experience! She said they made her feel confident and beautiful! ~Mandy

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Ready for the bridal show!!! #angiedavis #boudoir #boutique #lingerie

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