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Once we have made tons of magic in the studio, and had the time of our lives making it, we then prepare the magic for your Viewing & Ordering Session. Angie quickly gets to work editing your images; she then designs a sample digital album for you, and then puts them all together into a beautiful slideshow.  Prepare to be wowed when you come back! No one has ever been disappointed by the finished product we produce. We have even had many ladies cry because of how beautiful they look. We love what we do so much! We get to change people’s lives, their perception of how they think they look, and skyrocket their self confidence into outer space!


We book your Viewing and Ordering Session about two weeks after your Boudoir Session, or a date at least two weeks after your session depending on your availability, or your honey’s availability as well if your honey is coming to the big reveal with you. We have many clients who bring their significant other with them to their Viewing & Ordering Session. This gives your honey the opportunity to pick their favorites as well!


At the Viewing & Ordering Session you will make yourself comfy on our big couch and watch your beautiful, intimate portraiture unfold before your eyes in a digital slideshow, set to music, on our huge flat screen. To help make choosing your images and what you want to do with them easier Angie will also have designed a digital album for you; this helps make the decision process super easy. Plus, we help you every step of the way so that your album and prints are absolutely perfect! Our album software lets you decide exactly how you want your Little Black Book to look. It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to view all of your images and choose what you want to do with them.


If you choose to purchase one of our heirloom quality Little Black Books (or whatever color you choose for your cover), you will approve it right then and there, and it will be ordered right away along with whatever framed or canvas prints you choose! You can expect your order to arrive no more than 6 weeks after your Viewing and Ordering Session.


Angie has talent like no other photographer I have used. If you want art, they are your team. Her assistant did an excellent job with hair and makeup, including on how to pose.
I had a blast with these ladies and can't wait to see the finished product!
Might I add, both of them stayed later than my session was intended to be, simply to capture the best pictures. Much appreciated.
Professionalism out of this world! ~Mallory