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The word ‘boudoir’, pronounced, BOO-DWAHH, is French for the word bedroom. So to call a photo session a bedroom session, would suggest, private, personal, and intimate. Thus, why we call our art ‘Intimate Portraiture’.

Although we could never possibly list ALL the reasons you should have this done, we can certainly list a few….

If you are engaged, there is no better gift than a Little Black Book to give to your soon-to-be before your wedding. Best “almost spouse” ever is what you will be! Who doesn’t want to start their marriage off as already being the best wife or husband a person could have! Plus, boudoir sessions are the gift that keeps on giving. Lots of our clients will gift their soon to be spouse something from their session on the night before or the day of their wedding, and then surprise them once again on their honeymoon with more stunning images of them.

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Nothing says I love you more than gifting your partner with a stunning album, framed print or canvas for above your bed! Especially if it’s your first anniversary since the proper first anniversary gift is paper. Don’t forget about your partner’s birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day too! You cannot go wrong with giving them the gift of YOU! Even if there is no special holiday coming up, surprising your partner for the simple fact you love them is even better!

The most popular reason for a boudoir session is a gift for you! Many of our clients who want to have a boudoir session want to see them the way others really see them. Feeling sexy and confident is a state of mind that we can all use a little help with from time to time. Many of our clients feel really great about themselves and want us to capture it so they can feel even better about themselves. Some don't feel so great about themselves and want us to capture them. There is no bigger ego boost than having a session at ANGIE DAVIS! 

Whatever your reason is for having a boudoir session we would love to be the ones to get to know you and your story so we can make you feel sexy, confident and like the person you deserve to feel like! Let us know your reason. Your story. Your vision. Allow us to change, improve or confirm what you see and how you feel about YOU! Contact us today to set up your consultation so we can show you how much fun a boudoir session is & how stunning your images will look.


I had a lot of misgivings about doing a session. Within minutes of starting, I felt totally at ease with them. I have never felt so beautiful in my life. My husband tells me I am, and now I believe him. Every woman should do this once (at least)!!! I hope he enjoys his 25th wedding anniversary present!!! Can't wait!!! ~Dorie